Color stickers; Words, ABC labels

Color stickers; Words, ABC labels
(this page)

Reading Recovery Job/Study Aids

All labels (except Large Alphabet) use Avery (or similar) 30/page   Address Label 5160: 1 x 2 5/8

Pictured below: 1 sticker and 1 (reduced size) 8x10 page of stickers




label_1.gif (157749 bytes)


Color stickers: Set 1 (3 pages): Color stickers: Set 2 (2 pages):



High Frequency Words Labels (Words1.doc)
30 words; example of use: checklist, flashcards
  • Thirty words (most from RR Guidebook, Section 4)
    (30 stickers on one page)





Aa Bb




Alphabet Labels
  • Alphabet Labels (Alpha1.doc)
    Capital letters, lower case letters; example of use: alphabet books
    (56 stickers on 2 pages - includes alternative views of: I, g, a, t - in case you were wondering about 52 vs 56!)
  • Small Alphabet Labels (ABC_box.doc)
    Miniature letters for your toolbox of magnetic letters. 
    (26 stickers on 1 page)


Large Alphabet Labels
9 letters per page, 6 (3 caps/3 lc) pages, each 110 font

Avery Diskette 5096 2.75 x 2.75  (Note: this is the only item with different label size)

Large font letters for use in large alphabet books (letter paper in notebook) or for pouring over with color glitter glue to make tactile letters

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