Reading Recovery Job/Study Aids

Reading Recovery Job/Study Aids
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Color stickers; Words, ABC labels

These aids do not come from a formal list; they are tools that some have found valuable and wish to share.
Log of daily Running Records Daily List Calendar of Books Read (Books_1.xls)
Calendar to note Running Record books, scores, comments.
Observation Survey (OS)   tools Observation Survey Summary and OS Analysis templates
(2002 2nd edition) Two templates for optional on-line completion.
Created by Sharon Smith

Observation Survey Summary - Nick (OSNick.doc)
Two page example of completed OS summary (using template above)
Created by Donna Chinn

Observation Survey - Concepts About Print categories
Useful in categorizing information on summary
Created by Barbara Schubert

OS at a Glance: Data Sheet (Data.doc)
Useful quick reference (particularly in early sessions); easy to update
Created by LaDean Talcott

Observation Survey for Multiple Testings (OS_Multi.doc)
Template for optional on-line completion when taking an OS on a child several times, over a period of time.

Prediction of Progress (PP) tools Predictions of Progress - template (PP_templ.doc)
One page template/form for optional on-line completion

Nathan's Prediction of Progress (Nathan.doc)
Did all of us receive this same example during our training?!  I've referred to it over and over again.

Calvin's Prediction of Progress (Cal_pred1.doc)
One page example of completed PP summary (using template above)
This is not a Teacher Leader prepared summary so you may want to refer to Nathan's above.  This format helps me think specifically about what I should do next to help the child use current strengths to learn/use strategies he needs next to progress.

Reading & Writing Progress Summary (Progress.doc)
Useful checklist to note progress of reading and writing behaviors
Created by Mary Boehnlein

Analysis of Change Over Time in Writing (Write_1.doc)
Form to capture/study child's changes in writing (independence in sentence, boxes, fluency, strategies used)
Compiled by Teresa Johnson

Letters to Families Letters to Parents/Guardians (Parents1.doc)
Example of agreement to sign at beginning of program

Letter to Parents/.Guardians on Homework (Home_1.doc)
Description of sentence work and book reading to occur at home daily
Compiled by Jane Miller

Homework Form for Parent/Guardian to Initial (Home_2.doc)
Form for family to confirm book reading and sentence work is done. 
Created by Kathleen Evans

Ranking for Selection of RR students Student Ranking Worksheet for Reading Recovery Teachers (Rank1.doc)
Ranking worksheet that helps to organize and rank by OS scores.
Created by Nadine Pedron 
Notes to help RR teacher help
Student Study Team
Student Study Team Reference Notes (Anthspec.doc)
Notes to aid teacher when thinking about and writing referrals for further aid and/or special education
Created by Susan Lewis (
Materials List Draft Materials List for Reading Recovery Site Coordinators (Matls1.doc)
Notes for consideration in planning and ordering
Compiled by Susan Lewis (
Strategies and Prompts  

Strategies and Prompts (Prompts1.doc)
Two page reference (great to reduce and use as own focus-cards), compiled by Ellen Bernstein

Strategies, Cues, Prompts, Behaviors (Strat1.doc)
Six page reference (good learning tool), compiled by Wendy McFann-Phillips

Lesson Components Purposes of the Lesson Components
Useful in learning and focusing on purposes of each component
Making and Breaking

Taking Words Apart in Reading

Relationship between the two


Making and Breaking (Mandb_1.xls)
Reference of steps with examples
Created by Mary Boehnlein

Taking Words Apart In Reading (Twair_1.doc)
Describes relationship between TWAIR and Making and Breaking
Created by Mary Boehnlein

Recommmendations for Discontinuing Before Final Assessment

Recommmendations for Discontinuing Before Final Assessment  (Discont.doc)
Template for optional on-line completion of this form.

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